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Oral Testibol image Oral Testibol is a substance taken orally to help increase muscle mass and gain weight quickly and safely. It claims to increase testosterone by levels of up to 350% of the natural level. This results in excellent recovery time as well as more muscle gain.

It comes in the form of oral strips which are taken orally by placing it along your tongue and waiting for it to dissolve. This is a relatively quick process and in completed within a minute or so.

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"The numerous advantages of testibol which read on testibol review websites are the reason why I got drawn to it. For one you do not need a prescription to buy this product. This means you can shop for it literally anywhere for them these days. Perhaps the best source of shopping for them would be online stores that deal with them. Most of the testibol review sites would also have links to websites selling them."
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"As proven by blood examination of subjects who had taken oral Testibol, the levels of blood testosterone increase by as much as 300% - and that is sufficient to help training athletes pack on those hard-to-get extra kilos."
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"Testibol is also known to make the muscles denser. This is because of the testosterone that is released into the bloodstream. This male sex hormone helps in building stronger and denser muscles. It is also known to be in the body's system for a whole day, which means that you can workout more number of times in a particular day."
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Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of using Testibol. This is one of its major benefits and certainly a good reason to use it over many of the synthetic anabolics which have several negative side effects and health related issues.


  • Easy to swallow oral form
  • No harmful side effects
  • Made from all natural ingredients, no synthetics

Should You Buy Oral Testibol?

As seen below there is are a lot of positive reviews about this one and from the general online consensus we have to determine that this definitely does work as advertised. It will help you gain weight by increasing your testosterone levels. As with all products of this type it is best coupled with a strict exercise program and a good bodybuilding diet.Go to the official Oral Testibol site


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Side Effects:None

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Submitted By panaiot on 17 January, 2009
i want to try it
Rating: 4 star
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